3D Printing Pen 1.75mm Filament

Material : PCL
Color : Black

Diverse Filament Options: Elevate your 3D pen creations with our diverse range of PLA and PCL filaments.

PCL Filament is made from safe, low-melting-point PCL material, it's ideal for intricate designs and safe for users of all ages. Plus, PCL is biodegradable, adding an eco-conscious dimension to your imaginative projects.
PLA filament is made from biodegradable and non-toxic PLA, it offers precision and durability.

Whether you prioritize environmental sustainability with PLA or seek the low-temperature precision of PCL, our filaments offer endless possibilities. Choose from a spectrum of colors and unleash your creativity in 3D like never before.

Length: 5m(PCL) / 10m(PLA)

Package: OPP Bag

*If the color you need is not in the list, please refer to the second picture to place an order and note the color.

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